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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value in choosing New Century Design for your custom home?

New Century Design has tailored our design program to focus on the individual and unique needs of the homeowner, thus the final product is a reflection of their lifestyle. This method has tried and true results which are exemplified by our track record with previous clientele as shown by our portfolio and testimonials. Throughout the design process, we are able to provide 3D visuals and perspective images to help you conceptualize how spaces will look and feel. In doing so, we are able to anticipate potential construction issues that are best addressed before costly corrections are required during construction. We strive to fulfil the design goals of our clients, but we’re honest enough to say when something won’t work, if there is a potential better option, or if an idea isn’t viable. By choosing NCD to design your custom home, you employ industry and construction knowledge, extensive design experience, and a team dedicated to your project.

What services do you provide?

New Century Design’s primary focus is residential home design. This includes custom design, permitting plans, construction plans, and visualizations. We also offer planning and permit applications, development feasibility studies and site assessments, building permit preparation, land-use redesignation, 3D visualization and photo-realistic rendering, marketing material for development projects, and consultation.

What styles do you design?

At NCD, we pride ourselves on our ability to design homes in an assortment of styles based on our client’s desires. Our portfolio exemplifies our work by showcasing timeless design and our comprehension of high quality architectural standards.

What are your fees?

Our fee structure is designed to be competitively priced while offering great value. Our fees are based on square footage and will be provided through a quote after an initial design consultation.

How long will the design process take?

Each project is different in scope and in timing. Before signing on with New Century Design, we will provide an accurate schedule regarding our design process and when you can expect construction ready plans.

How long will city approvals take?

This will vary with each project based on complexity, size, location, and other potential factors. Typically, a simple project could see development approval within six weeks. A larger or more complicated project can sometimes extend upward to several months before construction is permitted to commence. The City of Calgary generally expects a development permit to take six to eight weeks after submission. That timeline can be extended based on varying circumstances which can include detailed city reviews, site constraints, community outreach, etc. For a land-use redesignation, the City anticipates a timeline of four to six months, again varying on Calgary Planning Commission and City Council.

What is the minimum project size you take on?

Typically, we take on new residential projects starting at 2,000 square feet. We take on renovation and addition projects starting at 1,000 square feet.

What is the maximum project size you can handle?

For single family residential projects, there is no upper limit for size. Our portfolio includes several expansive estate homes ranging upward of 8,000 square feet. For multi-family buildings, we have designed several developments upward of 10,000 square feet or up to eight units.

Do you offer pre-designed plans?

In short, no. In our experience, starting from a blank slate for each individual project has proved to be more time-efficient and cost-effective at creating a unique home design specific to the individual needs of our clients.

Are you an architect?

New Century Design is comprised of Architectural Technologists with extensive industry experience. When required by the National Building Code, we work with Architectural Consultants and Professional Engineers.

Do I need to have a home-builder selected before we meet?

No. We have great working relationships with many high-quality home builders and are happy to make an introduction.

Do you only do projects in the Calgary area?

We have experience designing homes throughout Southern Alberta and Western Canada. Areas ranging from Vancouver Island to Southeastern BC, and central Saskatchewan to Prince Edward Island.

How many projects have you completed?

For the past two decades, New Century Design’s portfolio has amassed over two thousand custom designs. From expansive estate homes to renovations and additions, single family homes to large multi-family projects; we’ve got experience in every aspect of residential home design.