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With New Century Design, Form follows Function. Our experience guides
that Function. Your style then guides the Form.


1. The Architectural Program

In your first meeting, we will work on the ‘Program’. This is a list of the rooms, activities, furniture and other items to be accommodated in the home. It is more of a conversation than a check list. Through this discussion, images will be formed on how the spaces need to relate and function together. You will also have your wants and needs outlined and focused so we can best accommodate your current and future lifestyle. The general budget will also be discussed to help us confirm size and scope. In addition we will discuss the ‘Style’ of home you prefer.

2. The First Design Draft

We begin to design with the broader concepts and room layout / relationships discussed during the program. A date will have been set for you to expect the initial design layout. This

version will show all the rooms with window and door locations, room size dimensions, furniture arrangements, appliances etc. This becomes a starting point to work from. Don’t expect a completed design. This is the start of the ‘process’. This takes generally two or so weeks from the Program meeting.

3. The Design Process

The first Design Draft is a starting point only. We will know whether we need to provide more guidance to each other. We will send and resend PDF versions to each other with comments and changes until all floor levels and elevations are completely to your satisfaction. At this point, if we have just minor things that need working out, a second meeting can be very beneficial to nail down any outstanding design challenges. During the process, additional sketches, perspectives and 3D images will be used to help you visualize what is being drawn. It is important that you convey to us any aspect of the design that is not clear to you. This process can be lengthy depending or scope and your schedule. We will provide quick turnaround on our end but will be guided by your urgency and availability. Typical timelines can be from 4 weeks to 4 months?

4. The Sign Off

You are totally satisfied with the design at this point. It is the “say yes to the house” moment!

You may still have things that are a question mark. Often these are ‘wish list’ or undecided items that may or may not fall within the budget. These types of future revisions are included as part of the design process. From here we move into the more complete drawing stages. This will mean Construction Drawings, Architectural Approval drawings or Development Permit drawings. Now that we have starting these drawings, major changes could fall under additional design fees. This would be handled on an hourly basis. Again, minor revisions are expected and included in our initial fee.