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NEW CENTURY DESIGN INC. was formed in 1999 by Shawn Jensen. Mainly to handle side work such as acreages, inner city and vacation home projects. By 2004 Customers were lining up for his design work. In 2005 the decision was made that New Century Design would become a full time company.

With Shawn’s Creative design ability and extensive technical experience New Century Design gained a great reputation. Growth and new challenges have followed almost solely by word of mouth.

New Century Design Inc. has grown steadily in resources and experience. Fall of 2014 we opened our Studio doors in historic Inglewood. A location minutes from downtown Calgary but in a community where creativity between the old and new abounds.

Customers and Builders appreciate that one change on site could cost more that your entire design and drafting budget. So it is great to deal with a company that can solve those items in 10 minutes during the design stage.

One philosophy at the company comes from an odd source “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills. This is evident in how no option or solution is too small to pursue. An Ensuite arrangement might be the last of eight different options. Each slightly better than the last, until it works efficiently and yet is unique and interesting.

Take advantage of our expertise. Wether it is an acreage, infill, vacation home, estate residence, renovation or full tear down, we have taken more than 500 clients from blank page to permit approved. But we don’t stop there.

Our office is available throughout the construction period, helping trades, suppliers, general contractors and builders as they take our design to final move-in.

Our clients have become good friends through the process of design and often end up back again when they decide to upsize, downsize, or build a new investment property.