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Shawn Jensen – A.T. (Honours)

President – Principal Designer


After receiving an Honours Diploma in Architectural Technology, Shawn spent 15 years honing his skills as Senior Designer with Cardel Custom Homes. During this time he designed over three hundred Show Home and hundreds of custom client homes. Although many of the Show Homes received Sam Awards and National recognition, the real measure of his designs were the response from home buyers. By 2005 they helped grow Cardel Homes into the largest builder in Calgary.
Since establishing New Century Design, Shawn has been able to focus on providing his own clients with custom designs that are both distinctive and personal. Shawn has built his reputation for great design on his feeling that your home must compliment your lifestyle. To achieve this he places as much attention on function and efficiency as he does on style and aesthetics.
He is extremely honoured by the trust a homeowner places in his abilities. Every design is treated as though it is for a close friend and he hopes that ends up the case!



Phil Mateshaytis – D.I.D.


Phil is an experienced Architectural and Interior designer. He graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor – Interior Design and SAIT Polytechnic with certifications in Facilities Management, AutoCad & Revit.

Born in England, he cut his teeth in design with a commercial design firm on projects in Milan, Berlin, Paris and others. This opened his eyes to materials, spacial design, colors, lighting and other aspects that could be applied

to the residential market. This paradigm shift was ahead of the curve. This popular change in residential style to ‘Industrial’, ‘Reclaimed’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ is very apparent today.

As founder of Method Architectural Designs, Phil has consulted for many of the best Builders and Renovators in Calgary. Resulting in numerous Sam Awards for design. He has provided builders and homeowners with his unique and detailed work using the most advanced residential design software available. His enthusiasm working with clients is contagious and has been a welcome addition.

His belief is that Design is ever-changing, and with a great methodology he can manipulate, mould and form your home into a stunning visual creation.



Ryan Cairns – A.T.

Technologist – Asst. Designer


Having Graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with his Architectural Technology Diploma, Ryan joined our team full time in May 2015. This followed a summer 2014 internship.
Ryan brings an exhilarating mindset to New Century Design. Well versed in the latest technology and state-of-the-art design software, he is efficient and excellent at solving problems. With the latest 3D tools he can provide in-depth and detailed views of any aspect of a new design.
He has a refreshing design perspective and with his increasing technical knowledge of current and emerging construction methods he has become an extremely valuable member of our team.